Facility Management / Administrative Jobs

Facility managers and administrative positions are responsible for ensuring the quality of work in a warehouse site and coordinating each department's projects. They must draw up strategies for day-to-day operations and negotiate client contracts in order to determine what materials the warehouse will be stored. Managers and clerical workers must also enforce job safety and health practices of every worker, the cleanliness of the warehouse, and proper communication between workers. Their contributions are vitally important in that they help to keep stockrooms running smoothly and professionally.

Operations Manager

The responsibility of the operations manager is to oversee the functions of each department in the warehouse. They are liable for the inventory records, negotiating contracts with vendors, and managing budgets. Operations managers must recruit new laborers, supervise the work of their crew, and enforce safety practices. As the head of all activities on the warehouse site, they are accountable for the performance of everyone in the company from packers and forklift workers to truck drivers and dispatch.


Inventory Specialist

Inventory control specialists are responsible for the shipping and receiving of stock within a warehouse. Some materials are stored for long periods of time and some are expedited quickly. Others, such as food or medical supplies, are very time sensitive.

Inventory specialists must keep track of numbers and coordinate the relationships between the warehouse and its vendors so that the right number of units are shipped out to the correct location. They must be extremely organized in order to keep track of the high volumes of products being channeled through the warehouse.



Dispatchers (also known as shipping and receiving clerks) handle a warehouse company's distribution of products. They are responsible for tracking orders, updating inventory, filing invoices, and determining where packages will be sent.

Working as a dispatcher means spending most days sorting through packages and communicating with drivers and clients. They must be highly organized and good with numbers. Often, they will be responsible for negotiating contracts with customers that require them to possess strong people skills. While other workers package and move materials, dispatchers handle the business side of every package.