Material Movers / Equipment Operator Jobs

There are various types of jobs for laborers and equipment operators. Every type of worker contributes to the efficiency of the warehouse and the materials that are handled. Material movers, like picker packers, move freight and stock to be stored or shipped out. Equipment operators use machinery such as forklifts or trucks to move large amounts of materials at once. Without their contribution food, medical supplies, and other goods could not be distributed to every city in the nation on a daily basis.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators are responsible for controlling machinery in warehouses or on construction sites. They drive asphalt spreaders, steamrollers, pile drivers, bucket trucks, and cranes. Many job sites require large-scale materials to be moved at once in order to meet project deadlines. Heavy equipment operators are able to ready large quantities of materials for storage or shipping out. They are also able to prepare construction sites by compacting soil, breaking up concrete, or clearing the site by moving heavy objects.



Forklift operators are workers who operate industrial forklifts to transport materials throughout warehouses. They are responsible for moving and securing supplies such as bales, boxes and pallets and loading or unloading them onto platforms, skids, and shelves.

Forklift drivers must have a strong understanding of how to steer the vehicle and control it's functions so that no accidents occur on the job. The more coordinated and organized a warehouse is the more efficient it will be at storing and shipping products. Without forklift operators, large quantities of goods could not be shipped day-to-day.


Picker Packer

Warehouse packers, also called picker packers, work to prepare materials to be stored and ready for shipping. They are responsible for inspecting every product to ensure they don't have damages or defects before being sent out. Along with guaranteeing product quality they must also clean and prep containers for shipment to be packaged in. In many cases, picker packers must read manifests to coordinate which products and how many are to be shipped in each order.

Being physically fit is helpful for this position, as it requires heavy lifting and long hours on your feet. Picker packers must be able to follow health code laws and safety protocols on the job. Those with good organizational skills are highly preferred.