Warehouse Careers

There are many types of careers within the Warehouse / Distribution Industry. Products and materials are created in concentrated places and shipped to all areas of the country. This ensures every city is supplied with the same goods and services equally. With this in mind, all major industries require warehouses to store and distribute their products.

Material Movers/ Equipment Operators Jobs

There are various types of jobs for laborers and equipment operators. Every type of worker contributes to the efficiency of the warehouse and the materials that are handled. Material movers, like picker packers, move freight and stock to be stored or shipped out. Equipment operators use machinery such as forklifts or trucks to move large amounts of materials at once. Without their contribution food, medical supplies, and other goods could not be distributed to every city in the nation on a daily basis.

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Facility Management/ Administrative Jobs

Facility managers and administrative positions are responsible for ensuring the quality of work in a warehouse site and coordinating each department's projects. They must draw up strategies for day-to-day operations and negotiate client contracts in order to determine what materials the warehouse will be stored. Managers and clerical workers must also enforce job safety and health practices of every worker, the cleanliness of the warehouse, and proper communication between workers. Their contributions are vitally important in that they help to keep stockrooms running smoothly and professionally.

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General Factory and Warehouse Jobs

General labor jobs in the warehousing industry are important. Without so many workers handling millions of products each day, nothing could be properly distributed. They are responsible for receiving, storing, and shipping goods and materials, ensuring that they are safe from damage or tampering.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers as well as some government agencies employ warehouse crews to handle products like food, medical supplies, clothing, or commodities such as steel or lumber. Although the duties of factory and warehouse workers vary depending on the job, they are generally responsible for receiving stock and preparing it to be shipped out.

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Machinists Jobs

Machinist jobs are some of the most important occupations in the warehousing industry. In order for manufacturing and distribution to occur machinists are needed to build parts for the machines that manufacturing workers will use on the line. Machinists are incredibly skilled at using a variety of tools to create parts and materials for projects of all types. These jobs often involve creating a machine part to the specifications asked and using instruments to test the exact measurements of each piece they complete.

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